3 Questions Amazon’s CEO Asks Before Hiring Anyone

Amazon has forever changed the way people shop online, but it wasn’t always the juggernaut that it is today. In fact, once upon a time it

The Best Interview Questions to Ask Interns

A great intern can be a huge win for your work life. You have another set of hands on board to help with unfinished projects

How the Best Companies Out There Attract the Talent They Want

Before someone is a great employee, he or she is usually a standout applicant. On your end, things just click and the person is an

What to Say to the Candidates You Don’t Hire

So you’ve just wrapped up a week of interviewing candidates for an opening in your department, and on Friday afternoon you reconvene with the rest of the

4 Things You Should Ask an Employee Who’s Leaving

A few months ago, one of my employees decided to leave the company. Her exit wasn’t a total surprise—we’d hired her originally as an intern,

Here’s What Hiring Managers Really Think When They Stalk You Online

When you apply for a job, hiring managers are scoping you out to determine if your experience, skills, attitude, and personality traits prove you’re a

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