How the Best Companies Out There Attract the Talent They Want

Before someone is a great employee, he or she is usually a standout applicant. On your end, things just click and the person is an automatic choice to progress from one round to the next. On the candidate’s end, he demonstrates throughout the hiring process that he gets who you

What to Say to the Candidates You Don’t Hire

So you’ve just wrapped up a week of interviewing candidates for an opening in your department, and on Friday afternoon you reconvene with the rest of the interview committee to swap notes. The good news is, there’s a clear front-runner, and you’re all excited to make this person an offer. The bad? There

Xbox One X: More Speed, More Muscle

Microsoft earlier this week announced the next version of its Xbox line of gaming consoles, ahead of E3 2017, now ongoing in Los Angeles. The new Xbox One X, which goes on sale Nov. 7 for US$499, is slimmer than previous models and packed with power. With a 6-teraflop Scorpio engine, the

Instagram Snaps Up Rivals’ Users

Instagram on Wednesday announced that it had reached a milestone of 700 million members while enjoying the fastest-ever growth rate in the company's history. The network has grown by more than 100 million members in the last four months, Instagram reported, although it took six months to accomplish its previous 100